How helpful can a language certificate be to a holder who cannot communicate effectively?

The communicative approach, Winners Education teaching method is based on, proves that the main reason we learn languages is to enable us to communicate in the international environment of education  and work.

We do not teach books, we teach students!



  • Language is not taught in the traditional way but is conquered with active, hands-on student involvement in real-life language production such as common projects with students from other countries, educational trips abroad and thetre performances in the new language.
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  • The language class is transformed in a live process that language production and spontaneous patrticpation in a variety of communicative projects such as engaging discussions through the internet and skype with classes from around the globe to discuss daily life subjects that excite our students.
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  • Our Learning Aim is quality language aquisition which will enable our students to respond to face-to-face communication with  the speed and fluency of  a native speaker.