Why Winners Education

What is Winners Education?why winnners

– A crazy dream … That was twenty years ago our decision to build a school for young and older children with fresh, creative ideas, respectful learning needs and supports all groups of our students, teaching the languages ​​and communication.

Winners Education is now the International School of Foreign Languages ​​at Haidari. with connections and collaborations with schools all over the globe and prestigious distinctions. The dream has become a reality our students enjoy!

What does my child do differently at Winners Education?

At Winners Education the journey of learning has many beautiful stops. Parents and students trust us because they know that:board

  • Our students are taught using the most innovative methods to suit the personality of each student and activate the dynamics of
  • We set individual targets taking into account the uniqueness and needs of each student separately our
  • Our students learn how to become independent, get their feet firmly on their feet to climb up
  • Interactive whiteboards make the course play
  • Theatrical performances provide an opportunity for students of all levels to speak boldly of their new language
  • Through the “Window to the World ‘ program we communicate via internet and skype with students frominternational collaboration other countries practicing and do new friends
  • With trips abroad learn and become citizens of the world.
  • The Winners Education is one of the few language center in Greece with quality education certified quality system ELOT 1433:2008. This guarantees our students the best education possible in their new language
  • Our students have the opportunity to obtain two degrees in two languages ​​by the Third Grade with success rates ranging from 90-100% in all exams!

In short, students are equipped for the modern labor market, by developing skills that will help them become citizens of a world that has already changed!

RESULTS for our studentsdiakriseis

Exam results in all levels and languages prove the efficiency of our method. The most important asset acquired is communication skills that develop as our students  learn to use the language fluently.





Winners Education is your choice, simply because your child deserves the best education possible…

Effie Kyrikakis,

Academic Director, Educational Coach