For our children we always want the best, not just the name. We tried first with big chain but only in the Winners found real interest in each of our 3 children and wonderful people.

Nick & Nektaria Vekaki-Banking,

After nine years (half of my life so far) attendance Winners, apart from knowledge, education and valuable degrees offered me both in English and in French, and I gained something much larger: Memorable Moments and within lesson and outside! Mainly excursions, celebrations and all other events. But what I loved most was that I met some people, whether they were teachers or classmates! The teachers were mostly beside me, not only in matters related courses and other well personally I think that now, and I think over the years, the most special moment was when I met the two gallidoules we host! I wish Winners continue what they do best! Lead us to victory! “

Iphigenia Mpampali-Student,