Each man has his own pace of learning. A school that respects and rewards the specific needs of each student is a school that fulfills its mission.

Segments of social responsibility do just that.

Endeavour to give the students an opportunity for completing their studies in a shorter time, reducing the duration of their studies up to 2 years.

Actions of Social Responsibility

Sweet Donation

Within the framework of the annual degrees award “My Winners Day” 2014, the school organised a sweet bazaar. Always close to children in need, this year Winners Education joined forces with the association “Together for Children” selling all kind of sweets and pastries that were made by students and their families and the school’s staff. The money being raised that day filled with smiles many faces.

Respect for the environment: Children are encouraged to think so through targeted actions in our school

IMG_0414Recycling: The students are encouraged to conserve natural resources and to respect the living space and actively participate in recycling



Home - Biomes, the Cradles of LifeInternational Competition Construction Site

The site we created in collaboration with two other schools – members of the international educational community we belong called “Ecosystems – The Cradle of Life.” Working together with students from the U.S. and India found why the Earth is a jewel of the Milky Way. Our site was honoured with the third place!


Respect to people: Children are being encouraged to care for the others and share not only their goods but also their sensitivity and sensibility.

xamogeloGive us a hand: Aiming in social awareness and responsibility of students we organize each year the action “Give us a hand.” We have now to enhance this way

  •  The Action Aid (2008-2010)
  • “The Smile of the Child” (2010-2013)
  • Special order – USA


Program Window to the World

skypeIn the context of our “Window to the world” every class communicates regularly with classes from around the world, talking, doing joint projects and learning the culture of other civilizations.



The Sunny Thought Project

The Sunny Thought Project - homeMaking positive thoughts is contagious! We all understand how important it is, especially for our children, to realise and focus on anything positive and beautiful that happens in their life. Children who are taught to think positive from an early age feel more satisfied, can deal better with challenges and choices and are better friends and companions. Instead of focusing on  “argh” and “why” we created “The Sunny Thought Project” that has united students from 20 schools and 13 countries and was awarded by the GVC project! 


geiWe choose the…Earth!

When children are encouraged to take action simply leave us speechless! That’s exactly what they did when we asked them to organize a show in our big celebration to tell us how they feel about the “crisis.” They gave us three words that taught us a lot: Generosity, Gratitude, Ideas. With construction and personal testimonials from everyday life told us “Sharing makes you a better person, to be creative and find ideas for overcoming the challenges.” We will follow the wise counsel of the children.

The Aristocracy Competition-Scholarships

ARISTOCRACYProven methods get results! During 2012-2013 Winners Education succeeded the greatest percentage of honoured students and awarded all of them and the other participants with scholarships.